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シアトルの近くのカレッジに通っている留学生。日々思うことや、自分の好きな物などシェアできたらなと思います^ ^

Food Food Food!!

Hi everyone, how is it going today? :)

i just came up with the idea, I'm gonna try to post in English this time.

hopefully this helps people those wanna learn English or know what food is like in the US mainly in Washington state.

In case i make grammar mistakes or use unnatural English, forgive me haha 

I'm still working on it, but I'll be extra careful!!





Compared to other states like the middle of the us, I believe that there are many kinds of restaurants in Washington state near Seattle.

I've been to Indian restaurants, Italian restaurants, Korean restaurants, and of course Japanese restaurants haha

So maybe for those who like to try foods from direrent countries, Seattle is a good place I guess.





  This is called Pho, which is a kind of Vietnamese food. I think it's pretty popular out here in the us?? My classmate took me to a Vietnamese restaurant. It was my first time to have Vietnamese food and my first impression was like "what the pho.." kidding lol

it smells weird? If you try it for the first time, but it's really addictive after a few tries and now I'm so addicted to Pho. 








Here are some beans, fried rice and tacos. I'm personally really into Mexican food, but most of them are oily so gotta be careful not to eat too much of it. Usually it comes with lots of amount of food, so I recommend you share with someone.


でましたメキシコ料理!!前のホストマザーがメキシコ料理をほぼ毎日作ってたこともあり、そこからメキシコ料理の魅力にやられました( ◠‿◠ )








Indian curry~~~~:D

Im a big fan of Indian curry, I have so many choices of which flavor I want. I always order curry which have mild flavor like something with milk! They are super good with Thai rice :))



"たまにこれどうやって読むんやろ?"ってなる時があるけど、 種類が多いこともあって飽きることがありません!個人的にミルクが入ってるカレーが好きです( ´ ▽ ` )


I wanna show a lot more to you guys, but maybe another time again I'll post more. See you soon!!:))